Netdating - Communities of Occasion

Astrid Folkmann Bonde, Katrine Hagen Sørensen, Maria Merrild Madsen & Sofie Flykt

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


#In this project we will investigate the phenomenon of net-dating as a market on which romantic relationships are bought and sold. We will account for the societal conditions of net-dating based on the theories of Anthony Giddens and Zygmunt Bauman. This account will lead to a hypothesis, which will be put to a test by confronting it with an empirical study, which will consist of the quantitative method of questionnaires. These will provide us with the opportunity to investigate net-daters view on romantic relationships. Subsequently we will discuss the analysis of the answers from the respondents and reflect on their significance in relation to the modern society.

UddannelserBasis - International Humanistisk Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2006
VejledereLars Axel Petersen


  • quantitative method
  • Zygmunt Bauman
  • net-dating
  • Anthony Giddens