Når forældre går en anden vej og passer deres børn selv - En kritisk interviewundersøgelse af forældres mulighed for at realisere et hjemmepassende forældreskab

Katrine Østergaard Kledal

Studenteropgave: Speciale


By applying a critical-hermeneutical approach, this master thesis examines why parents choose to stay at home with their children in society today. Furthermore, it studies how parents view their possibilities to practice parenthood at home with their children and what challenges this parenting style causes.

The method used is qualitative interviews with five stay-at-home-parents; where three of the interviews include their partners. The participants have chosen to stay at home themselves. This choice was made while they were working or on their way back to work after their maternity leave. Their partners are all working outside the house.

The theoretical framework to understand and to interpret the special parenthood derives from Axel Honnth´s (2006) theory of recognition, Aaron Antonovsky´s (2000) salutogenetic theory and an understanding of the process of learning inspired by Kirsten Weber (1995) and Henning Salling Olesen (1985).

This thesis shows that parents choose to stay at home, because they were frustrated with their everyday life before the choice of staying at home with their children. The frustrations include for example a mismatch between work life and family life and frustrations with separation from their children at a young age. These frustrations make them realise that priorities like stability and presence in the family are the right priorities for them at the moment. However, a stay-at-home-parenting style is not without consequences and the parents are met with prejudices and infringements describing them as unambitious. They are told that it is a great pity that their children do not get the chance to spend time with other children, too. The parents, who participated in this study, appeal for recognition. The lack of recognition can at times be hard to handle but by participating in a playgroup, it helps the parents to handle the stay-at-home-life and its infringements. By focusing on the children and their wellbeing the stay-at home-parents find meaning in their choice in parenting style.

Recognition of the stay-at-home-parenting style is challenged by the logic of “The Competition State” which does not appreciate the values of this special parenting style. The stay-at-home-parenting style is challenged by an unequally access to governmental economic support, too. This master thesis finds it a necessity that the society and the general public recognise the stay-at-home-parents for their special parenting style if they are to fully realize the stay-at-home-parenthood. How they are recognized will influence their opportunity to live a good life.

Keywords: stay-at-home-parent, parenthood, process of learning, recognition, infringements, saultogenetic, the good life

UddannelserPædagogik og Uddannelsesstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) KandidatSundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
VejledereSteen Baagøe Nielsen & Søren Juul


  • hjemmepassende forældre
  • forældreskab
  • læreprocesforståelse
  • anerkendelse
  • krænkelser
  • salutogenese
  • det gode liv