'Monte Carlo elsker jøderne' - et iscensat tv-program af den konfliktramte virkelighed i Mellemøsten

Katrine Zachariassen, Catrine Gangergaard, Siska Bengtsson, Sebastian Jargin & Jakob Stavnsbjerg

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


In the following project we will discuss the new methods the national TV-institution DR (Danish Broadcasting Cooperation) uses to capture the interest of the younger audience for more serious topics. We will discuss and look through, whether it is a new tendency to mix genre towards to interest a new group of young viewers in a growing competition between media institutions and media in general. As case for the discussion and analysis we have chosen the Danish television program ‘Monte Carlo elsker jøderne’. We believe that this program is a new ‘genrehybrid’ which mix genres like documentary, reality and entertainment. Therefore we find it interesting to examine the program and look at the different genres, the use of the aesthetic instruments, the staging of the hosts, the dialogue and compare it to the classic documentary, with the purpose to see if the program is a new tendency we will see more of in the future. In addition to this we will discuss if all of this will overshadow the main focus which is to convey facts about the Israel-Palestine-conflict. We found that program is a brand new mix of genres that we haven’t seen before in Danish TV. This mix of genres and the use of the aesthetic instruments is focused on a very specific audience and therefore it is not all who gets and understands the convey of ‘Monte Carlo elsker jøderne’. They think that the program makes fun of the victims of the conflict and that it is not serious enough. In contrast to this these instruments has a big part in maintain the interest of the young audience. We believe that we will see more of these kinds of documentaries where you mix genres in the future.

UddannelserDansk, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato12 dec. 2013


  • Monte Carlo
  • Iscenesættelse
  • Genrer
  • Monte Carlo elsker jøderne
  • Genrehybrid
  • Medieæstetik
  • Tv-analyse