Mellemlederen som en strategisk ressource - en kvalitativ undersøgelse af uddannelseslederen som forandringsformidler af erhvervsuddannelsesreformen 2014 på TEC

Pernille Vernholm & Matilde Hagebro

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The thesis investigates how management, the middle manager, and teachers perceive the middle manager, as a change implementor of the vocational reform 2014 initiatives concerning teachers. The thesis also investigates how the perceptions of the middle manager relate to the way the middle manager is able to act. The study takes point of departure in the case study: department X, at Technical Education Copenhagen, in Ballerup. The use of qualitative methods such as individual interviews, group interviews and participative observations, as well as the use of a social constructivist and hermeneutic perspective, are used to investigate the experiences of the affected parties. The thesis concludes that the management’s view of the middle manager as a strategic resource means that they are highly focused on equipping him as a change implementor. This may in turn expand the middle managers possibilities of action. On the other hand, the teachers perceive the middle manager as an opinion leader, which may be seen as an advantage. However, the teachers’ perceptions of specific vocational reform initiatives challenge the middle managers role as a change implementor. Because the initiatives touch upon their values, it requires something extraordinary of the middle manager’s communication. The managements and teachers’ opposing experiences of the middle manager’s role, as a traditional and professional leader, construct the middle manager as a hybrid leader. The middle manager experiences the hybrid role as enabling as well as restricting in relation to the role as a change implementor. Finally the thesis concludes, that the lack of the consolidation of acts challenge the middle managers role as a change implementor.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 jul. 2015


  • Voxted
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  • mellemlederen
  • erhvervsuddannelsesreform
  • Petersen
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