Managing relationship with stakeholders to achieve organisational goal.

Mandira Joshi

Studenteropgave: Speciale


Stakeholder relationship has been one of the main strategies applied by various organisations to
achieve their goals. Social enterprises use it for achieving their dual mission which is a social
and financial mission. It is a well-known fact that, while involving the stakeholders in an
organisation, it has to face different challenges due to the diverse interest of the stakeholders.
Therefore this thesis tries to find out how the leaders of a social organisation manage the
potential demands of its stakeholders by applying the appropriate leadership to achieve their
common goal.
For the selection of theories, I found Leadership Theory, Social capital theory, neo-institutional
theory and finally the stakeholder theory relevant to the solution of the problem formulation.
I have chosen CSSBS as a case study organisation, which is located in Damak, a small city in
Nepal. I have used both primary and secondary data for this research. The analysis is based on
the data gathered from the telephone interviews with different participates of CSSBS. It has
helped me to understand the leadership approach that has been applied by the leaders of the
organisation and also the relationship with their stakeholders. I found out that due to various
reason they are having challenges regarding handling the demands of their stakeholders for
which they need to make different strategies to face those challenges.

UddannelserMaster i Socialt Entreprenørskab og Management (SEM), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato31 aug. 2018
Antal sider87
VejledereKenneth Hansen