LO's ændrede mediestrategi: Om hvordan pluralistiske tendenser og øget medialisering influerer LO’s mediestrategi

Lea Brith Grummisgaard Friedberg

Studenteropgave: Speciale


In this Master Thesis, The altered media strategy of LO, we have investigated how one of the strongest interest organizations in Denmark have adapted to the pluralistic trends in the organizational protection if interest and growing mediatization.
We zoom in on the media strategy and the organizations position in the newspapers before we investigate how the new media reality of social media in influencing the media strategy of LO. Trough data end elite interviews with politicians and employees of LO we have discovered that there is a gap in the research surrounding the behavior on social media in regards to the governing of interest of labor organizations. In regards to the classical news media the labor organization, LO, is fairly successful but alas is pressured by the growing competition and loss of resources in general. We have yet to see how the organization compares in how they compete on social media.
Where it is clear that the organizational resources are paramount for the chance of organizational success in the media, so is the ability to form an effective strategy and cultivate cultural change in the corporate communication. In regards to this we have seen that LO in fact have entered both Facebook and Twitter were we will find both a corporate and chairman account. On these account the organization can expect to meet actors of interest such as the public, the politicians and the journalist. The organization has indeed hired a professional to administer the accounts that seem to successfully make use of the functions available for effective communications. We have both in our data and interview found that the organization make heavy use of the tactics and strategies that is recommended on social media. We therefore see a large focus on personal communication, framing and priming.
The transition to social media has accelerated the trends of the mediazitation where a still growing focus of the policy process will be on the pre-policy face. Furthermore we see that strategies from when aimed at the newspapers is transferred to social media who seems to accelerate the effectiveness of the political communication. Leaving us to understand the strategy on the social media of LO to be persistent.

UddannelserForvaltning, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato13 aug. 2018
Antal sider70
VejlederePernille Boye Koch


  • Fagebevægelsen
  • medialisering
  • interessevaretagelse
  • sociale medier