Ledelse af frivillige

Camilla Gaalaas Densam, Liv Kantsø de Wit & Louise Mattesen Provstgaard

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This project arises from an interest in voluntary organizations that works with a large amount of volunteers, but has a paid management. On that note we are examining how the relationship is between employees and volunteers in one specific organization: Gimle. In relations we are interested in how Gimle as an organization is build, how they lead their volunteers and what the economical aspect says about Gimle. To do so we have chosen to conduct an interview with the deputy head of Gimle and in addition to this we sent out a survey for the volunteers to answer. We chose to work with a mixed-methods approach because we wanted to include opinions from both the management and the volunteers. In analyzing our empirical data we use organization theory by Anders la Cour. In addition to that we use classification of leadership theories explained by Kaufmann and Kaufmann, and furthermore we use theory about leading volunteers in practice. Throughout the project we found that through Gimles high focus on the importance of their volunteers, they are able to set an healthy environment for the volunteers, which is clear in how the volunteers talks about Gimle. We found no alarming challenges in the cooperation between the management and the volunteers, however should Gimle think about the distance between the regular volunteer and the general management, which is an issue that could be enhanced by Gimles choice of hiring an employee to be solely responsible for the volunteers.

UddannelserVirksomhedsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato14 dec. 2014
VejlederePoul Dines


  • Frivillige
  • Lønnet ledelse
  • ledelse
  • strategi
  • frivillig organisation