Læring og tryghed i arbejdslivet

Josephine Broe, Caroline Rygaard Henriksen, Cille Lundgaard Nielsen & Sarah Mønsted Skriver

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


This paper seeks to examine how or if a sense of security in one’s work environment affects the adult individual in his or hers approach of learning. In use of Ove Kaj Pedersen, Jürgen Habermas and Knud Illeris as the point of reference, this project draw upon terms such as system- and lifeworld, learning processes and the competitive state, in order to thoroughly examine the sense of security in the modern work sphere. With the competitive state in mind, the demand of certain qualifications, courses and continuing education in one’s work environment may or may not add an increasing feeling of insecurity within the employees. However, with the intention of trying to understand how security may affect the individual, an understanding of different learning processes is highly necessary and will be accounted for during this paper. In order to obtain an insight in the underlying construct, this project will include two qualitative interviews based on a semi-structured interview form with employees from our chosen case-organization. Additionally, the mentioned interviews will be analyzed in proportion to Steinar Kvale’s analyzing method “Interview analyses focusing on meaning” and subsequently discussed. Based on this project’s statement of intent we have been able to conclude upon the matter, that neither one of our two interviewees appear to be insecure in the case-organization, despite their different approaches towards learning in their work life.

UddannelserPædagogik og Uddannelsesstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato24 maj 2019
VejledereChristine Revsbech Jensen


  • Tryghed
  • Læring
  • Konkurrencestat
  • System- og livsverden
  • Arbejdsliv