Kritik i arbejdslivet

Rebecca Stormly Hansen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


Studies such as the Danish journalist Jesper Tynell’s exploration of a IT-company called Adore and Danish sociologist Rasmus Willig’s research revolving the subject of which conditions are present, when employees expresses criticism in regards to mangement and organisation, points to the comprehension that it can be difficult for employees to express criticism in relation to their work- life. In order to address this project-oriented issue, a case study has been completed. Several employees from the chosen workplace have been interviewed, based on their understanding of what their opportunities are in regards to expressing criticism. The issue mentioned has been examined from a poststructuralist and critical theoretical belief-system, respectively. The concepts made use of are ’disciplin’, ’self-surveillance’ and ’social control’ developed by French philosopher and ideologist Michel Foucault, and ’recognition’ developed by German sociologist and philosopher Axel Honneth. Based on the interviews conducted and the project-oriented theoretical understanding, it can be established whether the employees, from the chosen case, perceive it challenging to express criticism in relation to their mangement and organisation, and therefore clarified why these employees act as they do regarding criticism: What are the reasons why an employee chooses to express, or not to express, work-life criticism?

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato22 maj 2017
Antal sider36
VejledereHanne Themsen


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