KostRådVild i Sundhedslandskabet? - et kritisk psykologisk perspektiv på subjektets navigation i risikokulturens modsatrettede og omskiftelige kostråd: Lost in the Landscape of Nutritional Health?

Mie Jusjong

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The purpose of the thesis is to gain greater insight into an underexposed phenomena within research and, in this context, is labelled the “Health Landscape”, consisting of opposing an inconstant dietary guidelines. By investigating how health-interested people navigate within various dietary guidelines we obtain knowledge that brings new insights into the “Health Landscape” which includes the official Danish dietary guidelines as a health promotion strategy. The “Health Landscape” has its theory base in Anthony Giddens’ concept of society as a risk culture and furthermore in a newly developed concept called a food continuum, which among other things contains a broad definition of health. The applied methods are based on qualitative research interviews of health-interested people, including cultural probes in form of concrete dietary guidelines from the Danish media. The interviews are analysed with a combination of person centred and theme centred analysis strategy, with Critical Psychology as the theoretical pivotal point. The conclusion is that health-interested people relate primarily to the dietary guidelines by using their commonsense conceptions of healthy food, formed by their “symbolic background” and subjective and social conditions. The official dietary guidelines seem-ingly constitute health-conscious people’s symbolic background in regards to nutrition, and can be understood as a health promotion strategy that is pervasive on the so-called “indicative level”. By applying Critical Psychology it can be argued that health-interested people, in theoretical understanding, by “conceiving” their conditions of the “Health Landscape” can gain greater space to manoeuvre within the areas of food and health. Finally, on the bases of the analysis of this thesis, a recommendation are presented that can supplement the traditional nutritional guidance.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato3 dec. 2010
VejledereTine Jensen


  • Sundhedsfremmestrategi
  • biopsykosocial sundhed
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  • Kritisk Psykologi
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  • Integreret speciale
  • Madkultur
  • Giddens