Kompetenceudvikling og læring i folkeskolen: Hvordan efteruddannelse kan skabe læring på arbejdspladsen

Jette Antonsen & Ole Kohl Ladefoged

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


This research will explore which factors affect the transfer of learning from continuing education to workplace. The transfer of learning from continuing education to workplace practice is designated as “transfer”. In this paper it is investigated what the term “transfer” implies, and what might influence it.
The research follows the principles of qualitative research interview, and the empirical has been obtained at a public school in the municipality of Varde. The focus of the analysis is mainly the qualitative interview, but document analysis has been applied too.
The conclusion shows that there are several factors which affects whether a transfer of learning from continuing education to the workplace will occur.
The general framework, in the form of demand and aim, affect whether transfer occurs. The employees have not themselves chosen their continuing education. This affects the motivation of some, and thereby influences the opportunity of transfer to occur. The factor of time has proven to have an affect on whether the new learning is applied. Insufficient time to understand and apply the new method will consequently result in less transfer.
Support from the management in the form of employee involvement, have resulted in a positive effect. Practice community is applied more knowingly to achieve new learning in teaching. This happens among others through colleague observation and feedback.
Even though the wide variety of academic basis of teachers in the practice community present challenges, it proves to have a positive impact on the transfer of learning when knowledge is shared between different year teams. Nonetheless there is a noticeable difference between how teachers of the natural sciences understand the term “transfer” when compared to the understanding of the term by teachers of the social sciences.

UddannelserMaster i Uddannelse og Læring (MUL), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2019
Antal sider109
VejledereChristian Helms Jørgensen