Klimaangst og Klimaadfærd

Rawan Chreide, Anna Katrine Thomsen, Vanessa Que Tran Bui & Elisabeth Haley Montgomery

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


The research paper investigates the research question: How can we understand human behavior in respect to action or inaction to the benefit of the environment, through the phenomenon eco-anxiety, based on Søren Kierkegaards understanding of the concept of anxiety and Icek Ajzen and Martin Fishbein’s Reasoned Action Approach? The two theoretical approaches are utilized in an analysis of qualitative interviews with an environmental activist and a focus group of non-environmentally-active interviewees. First, the paper examines whether the interviewees display tendencies towards eco-anxiety. Next, the paper investigates the interviewees' beliefs and how they lead to the intentions behind their behavior in regards to the environment. This sparks a discussion of whether eco-anxiety is a relevant phenomenon, since the interviewees did not identify with the concept, despite the fact that tendencies towards eco-anxiety can be observed. Additionally, the discussion includes the use of theories and the approach to knowledge production. Finally, it is discussed whether the issue of climate change is a collective or individual problem and how society is involved in an individual’s behavior in the climate crisis. The research paper shows how people can tackle the climate crisis in different ways. This demonstrates the issue’s complexity, as the nature of people’s action or inaction to the benefit of the environment can vary.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato15 dec. 2019
Antal sider66
VejledereMichelle Sabine Steinmüller


  • klimaangst
  • klimaadfærd
  • klima
  • søren kierkegaard
  • angst
  • Martin Fishbein
  • Icek Ajzen
  • planlagt adfærd