Kan udbredelsen af teknologi indenfor smart city området føre til en Orwellsk fremtid?

Rasmus Juncker Nielsen, John Straccia & Benjamin John Gordon Tuckwell

Studenteropgave: Fagmodulprojekt


Smart cities seek to implement forms of monitoring and surveillance technology throughout the urban landscape in order to optimise the overall efficiency of the cities functions. In theory, Smart cities strive to overcome the chaos and dysfunction of everyday urban living through technological innovation that can provide dynamic and real time answers to these urban inefficiencies. There has been much discussion about the benefits of this technology, but it seems very little assessment has been focused on the systematic risks that could be associated with the proliferation of smart city technology with relation to democracy, privacy and security.

UddannelserGeografi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato3 jan. 2017
Antal sider60
VejledereThomas Skou Grindsted


  • Smart City
  • Overvågning
  • George Orwell
  • Technology
  • Sikkerhed
  • Privatliv