Judicium Dei

Camilla Schouw, Rune Gjerulff Petersen & Anders Kjøller

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project examines the medieval ordeal in a Danish context. The medieval ordeal is in our eyes an alien and controversial phenomenon, and for many years it has been debated among medievalists how it should be understood. Essentially, the ordeal was a legal procedure based on the premise that God would interfere and condemn the guilty and acquit the innocent. The ordeal in practice was a physical test that could differ, for example the suspected perpetrator of a crime could have to carry red-hot iron or submerge his hand into boiling water to prove his innocence. The objective of this project is to understand how the ordeal can be understood both in a legal and political context, and how it can be seen as a phenomenon born in a certain society influenced by religious feelings. It will include an analysis of selected stories from Danish chronicles, codes of law and a formula for conducting the ordeal of boiling water.

UddannelserHistorie, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato21 maj 2014
VejledereKim Esmark