Journalistik lige foran publikum - et studie af 20-29 åriges oplevelse af scenejournalistik

Perry Macleod Jensen & Mads Gustav Grene

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


In this paper we set to explore the emerging phenomena, stage journalism, and its potential to appeal to younger evasive media consumers in the age of 20-29 years. We have based our research around a case study of a stage journalism event, by the Danish newspaper, Politiken. To explore this case, we have conducted interviews with audience members, pre/post interviews with moderator of the event, and the project manager of Politiken’s live editorial. We have examined this phenomena openly by using design thinking. It allows us to do iterative research, that eventually has led us to a design proposition, aiming to assist Politiken and their work with stage journalism in the forthcoming future. By applying theories within journalism, liminality and dramaturgy, we have gained new knowledge about stage journalism, and used it to create our design, which is a set of recommendations to Politiken Live. We have discovered that the younger media consumers in our cases prefers stage journalism compared to a newspaper article. Our respondents showed an increase in their involvement in the story, the learning potential, and an increase in entertainment value, when they compared this format to an article. If Politiken Live wants to appeal to a younger audience, we discovered the importance of stories with a personal narrative, rather than basing their events around generic or general themes. We also revealed a potential in how the moderator or journalist can impact the event positively, by structuring the Q&A section of the event, to avoid taboos or self driven questions from audience members. Overall it seems that stage journalism is still a developing phenomena, but that a potential lies in giving this new genre a cohesive structure, and educate the audience on how to consume this media format.

UddannelserPerformance-design, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
VejledereKlaus Hildebrand Frederiksen


  • journalistik
  • scenejournalistik