Italesættelse af Sorg

Julie Marie Jensen, Tobias Krog Lafontaine, Clara Mie Moesgaard Lech & Nina Luu Traasdahl Larsson

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This project examines the Danish book, Jeg løber [I run], written by Anders Legarth Schmidt and
published in 2018. The purpose of this project is to examine how the loss of a child is described and
furthermore, the project features an analysis of the author’s grieving process. To define what
mourning is and hereby describe the symptoms which occur when mourning, the project draws
upon theories by Jesper R. Mogensen and Preben Engelbrekt. Furthermore, the project draws upon
theories on Continuing Attachment Bonds by Erica H. Sirrine and John Bowlby in order to analyse
the author’s bond to his deceased child. The project features a historical chapter on different
perceptions of death throughout Western history, including theory by Philippe Ariés and Michael
Hviid Jacobsen. The project’s overall aim is therefore to analyse how the loss of a child is
verbalised through a written work and furthermore, to analyse how the act of running has helped the
author cope with the loss. Furthermore, the project discusses whether death is a taboo in the Danish
modern society. Lastly, the project discusses whether there is a lack of a term for parents, who have
lost their children. The project features the conclusion that the author’s hobby of running is an
attempt to regain the control, he lost during his child’s illness. Furthermore, the project claims that
the book can be considered a new sort of memorial, namely a literary tombstone, and that the book
might even have a detabooing effect.

UddannelserDansk, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato26 maj 2018
Antal sider63
VejledereCharlotte Engberg