Integrationsgrunduddannelsen - En intervention med muligheder og begrænsninger for nytilkomne udlændinges arbejdsmarkedstilknytning

Mikkel Brilner Lund, Maria Moska Yazdani & Henrik Lønborg

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis examines the integrationsgrunduddannelse (IGU) which is an education in Denmark for newly arrived immigrants that seek to improve their employment possibilities. The thesis examines the education in a municipality based on participant’s perspectives. The focus of the thesis has been on identifying conditions that create constraints and possibilities for certain IGU students’ employment possibilities. The thesis examines the following research question: How is the integrationsgrunuddannelse organized in Kirkeby municipality and which possibilities and constraints does the IGU create regarding the IGU student’s labor market attachment?
The empirical foundation of this thesis is based on qualitative methods which concern eight interviews, four observations and statutory documents. This thesis’ theoretical approach is critical psychology. The theory has contributed to emphasize that human beings are a part of two-sided interrelationship with its surroundings. In the light of our qualitative outcome, the theory has enabled us to underline how the IGU interacts with the students’ everyday life and how this interrelation creates conditions that affect their possibilities for employment.
The thesis’ analysis consists of two separate analyses. Our first analysis shows that the establishment of IGU courses does not follow the law directions regarding student and company establish an IGU course together. The organization of IGU courses was done by two employees within Kirkeby municipality. Our second analysis shows that the organization has an impact on the students’ conditions regarding their labor market attachment. More specific their possibilities are underlined through the students’ match, internship, economic and education courses.
On the basis of our analyses, the thesis concludes that the IGU in Kirkeby municipality both creates opportunities and constraints regarding the IGU student’s labor market attachment. Furthermore, it concludes that there are three salient constraints for the students. The first constraint is in the matching process. Students that are matched with companies offering job roles that do not require interpersonal communication are at risk of not expanding their employment possibilities within industries that require language skills in Danish. The second constraint concerns the students’ economic scope during the IGU as it can constrict them in developing skills that can contribute to their employment possibilities. The third constraint is

found within the students’ teaching courses as the students have largely experienced that the teaching doesn’t contribute to developing skills that increase their chances of getting an employment offer after their internship ends. The three constraints have been challenged by presenting improvement proposals that can enhance the students’ labor market attachment.

UddannelserSociale Interventionsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato27 aug. 2018
Antal sider107
VejlederePernille Juhl


  • Integrationsgrunduddannelse
  • IGU
  • Beskæftigelse
  • Arbejdsmarked
  • Nytilkomne flygtninge
  • Udlændinge
  • Kritisk psykologi
  • Arbejdsmarkedsundervisning
  • Virksomhedspraktik
  • praktik
  • danskuddannelse
  • erhvervsrettet undervisning
  • sprogundervisning
  • virksomhedskonsulent
  • integration
  • match