Illuminating Cultural Diversity: Salaam DK a case study

Thomas Eder, Emilie Fuglesang, Daniel Hervik, Ditte Frimodt Lauritzen & Eva Kastrup

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


Through methodological reflections based on critical discourse analysis, we intend this project to be an evaluation of Salaam DK’s ideological discourse, while investigating the festival’s relations to the socio-cultural context it exists in. From theories of ‘Otherness’ and stereotyping as formulated by Stuart Hall, concepts of power relation and ideology by Norman Fairclough and Teun A. van Dijk, and theories of ideology, we wish to explain the dynamics of and problematic reflections on a multicultural initiative. In our analysis of collected information from the festival’s website, applications for financial support, and film programs we find that Salaam DK is representative of an alternative, ideological discourse, which seeks to improve intercultural competences through cultural encounters. Nevertheless, we emphasize that the ambivalence in Salaam DK’s use of the term ‘culture’, their focus on the Middle East, and their tendency of organizational hyper-adaptation contradicts their visionary statements of creating understanding for the cultural encounter.

UddannelserKultur- og Sprogmødestudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato19 jun. 2008
VejledereFrancesco Lapenta


  • visual culture
  • ethnicity
  • power relations
  • culture
  • Brint bombe
  • integration
  • ideology
  • Film festival
  • Salaam DK
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • the other