Identitetskonstruktioner hos unge med anden etnisk baggrund end dansk

Sidsel Margrethe Rasmussen, Marie Silbye Hansen, Monica Nguyen, Schack Telling, Nanna Cecilie, Skou Andersen & Sarah Kristine

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This paper analyses identity constructions among young non-ethnic Danes between the ages of 15-22, residing in the municipality of Ishøj. The study is empirically based on three focus group interviews conducted with 19 young non-ethnic Danes. The paper is based on social constructionist perspectives, whereby we see individuals and culture as reciprocal appointed. From the constructionist view meaning is created, maintained and changed in social relations, which the individual is part of. Based on a social constructive perspective, identity is understood as multiple and as a social construction. The focus in this paper is how young non-ethnic Danes construct their identity in different contexts and under different circumstances. We focus on the meaning and significance of concepts and categories in our informants’ constructions. Theoretically, the paper includes Stuart Hall’s theory of identity, where the terms meaning, otherness, ethnicity and national identity are the center of investigation. With Lise Paulsen Galal we include a minority perspective, which focuses on how the relation between the majority and the minority is constructed. The above mentioned theories are used to address and analyze what the informants identify with, what they dissociate from, which factors give meaning to their construction of identity as well as when and how the informants construct themselves as a minority and what they see as a majority. Finally it is concluded that Identity cannot be classified as a fixed entity as it is being influenced by time and context. The informants develop their identity through an interaction with their surroundings where meanings and significations are exchanged. In addition, the informants will need to relate to the fact that they by the majority are not considered to be Danes, but are categorized as foreigners. Thus, their ethnic heritage will influence their Identity construction.

UddannelserKultur- og Sprogmødestudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato11 jun. 2008
VejledereMustafa Hussein


  • minoritet
  • kategorier
  • etnicitet
  • kultur
  • Kvalitative interviews
  • majoritet
  • andethed
  • Stuart Hall
  • Social konstruktion
  • unge med anden etnisk baggrund
  • Identitet
  • fokusgruppeinterview