Identitetskonstruktion mellem land og by . to bolivianske migrantfortællinger

Ida Mangor

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


7.0 Resumé This project takes as its point of departure the social inequality in Bolivia regarding to the indigenous peoples of the country. They make up aproximately 60% of the population and many of them live lives marked by poverty and isolation in the countryside. Many of them migrate to the cities only to entounter new forms of poverty and marginalisation The aim of the project is to approach this broader issue by means of a qualitative focus on stories told by two migrants about their migration experiences. On the grounds of these two interviews the project seeks a theoretical understanding of the way that the social conditions influence on their identity construction and in turn how the migrants are able to influence on these conditions. The theoretical framework consists of a marxist structuralist theory which sees identity construction in Bolivia today as determined by colonial power structures that through social practice are being produced and reproduced. Through this looking glass it is analysed how the migrants do indeed reproduce certain colonial social hierarchies in their telling of themselves. But in the project it is also questioned whether the migrants only reproduce these hierarchies, since they do create strategies through their telling with which actively seek to avoid the domination of the structures. This aspect is approached with an existential theory of identity that sees storytelling as a means for the individual to gain control of the circumstances of his or her own life. From this perspective it is shown how the migrants create a personal agency in their stories through an either political or religious voice. It is concluded that neither structure nor agency serve as a single aspect of identity construction – the stories of the migrants are shaped by their social conditions but they do in turn seek to reshape these conditions through their telling. Whether this sense of agency is acted out in real life is not within the scope of the theory and the empirical data to consider.

UddannelserKultur- og Sprogmødestudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato18 dec. 2012


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