Hyldespjældet - deltagelse i forskellighedernes samfund: Forslag til boligsocial helhedsplan, Hyldespjældet

Adam Brun Andersen, Christian Lærke Christensen, Kristian Bay Rye & Stine Balchmann Pedersen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project originates from an assignment proposal from the ‘science store’. The proposal has been drafted by the ‘Green Environment Committee’ from Hyldespjældet, Albertslund, and it expresses a concern for the falling participation in the area’s existing groups and arrangements. The formulation of the problem does not suggest it to be urgent but instead it is seen as a general worry by the ‘Green Environment Committee’. The following question is at the essence of the project: ‘How can we understand the falling participation in Hyldespjældet and how can we arrange for the good life in a society which is constantly changing?’ The target audience for this project is the sender and the purpose of the project is to draft recommendations on how to change the development of Hyldespjældet. Empirically, the project takes as its starting point the seventy newest residents’ wishes and experiences with Hyldespjældet. A questionnaire was given and interviews were made in the area which created the starting point for the development of the project. Additionally, KÅS statistics have been used. The project has been done using three parts of analysis with three different objectives. The first part is intended to frame the problem. This is achieved by creating an understanding of the object in question, the sender of the problem and the ideal which the problem wishes to bring forward. This understanding is achieved through an ‘understanding oriented’ treatment by using Lefebvre’s way of looking at space production. Additionally, a perspective has been made through qualitative and quantitative research on how well known this way of viewing the problems and understanding the ideal is. The project has additionally through its second part refined the basic understanding of the problem and the different meaningfullness and perceptions of ideas by using sociologic theory (Durkheim, Bauman & Dean). The results in every part of the investigation have been vital to the continued work. The first part gives us an understanding that the ideal from which the problem was drafted is not the same in all parts of Hyldespjældet but instead just one ideal out of many. There are many different kinds of meaningfullness regarding Hyldespjældet which has been made through its historic development for solidarity and community. Because of its many opinions and perceptions, the recommended solutions presented in analysis 3 need for these to be included. In this part, four recommendations are made which is the product of the project. The recommendations are supposed to help the ‘Green Environment Committee’ with engaging people and thereby strengthen the communities.

UddannelserPlan, By og Proces, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato24 maj 2011
VejlederePeter Hegelund Skriver