Hvem ved noget om organdonation? Med udgangspunkt i de toneangivende synspunkter i debatten om organdonation og interviews med ikke-organdonorer ønsker vi at undersøge: Hvilke barrierer har ikke-organdonorer for at registrere sig som organdonorer? Herudfra og med inddragelse af Brenda Dervins teori om sense-making vil vi diskutere, hvorledes et kommunikationsprodukt kan være med til at nedbryde barriererne – eller med Dervins begreb bygge bro over målgruppens kløfter?

Signe Bruun Warming & Simone Skovvart Piil

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


This paper aims to point out ‘gaps’ that exist in non-organ donors time-space perception of why they have not registered their choice to become and organ-donor or not, and from these gaps create an educational podcast to help build a ‘bridge’ over these said gaps. We have performed four interviews all with non-organ donors. Through Branda Dervin’s theory on sense-making we have found that the main gap is that the subjects lack knowledge on the topic of organ donation and they find it overwhelming and difficult to find the right information. Based on the interviews and theory from Sven Windahl, Benno Signitzer and Jean T. Olson’s book Using Communication Theory - An Introduction to Planned Communication we have limited our target audience to be non-organ donors, who are positive towards obtaining more knowledge on the topic and finding the information via a podcast. To better understand the podcast medium, we have looked towards Richard Berry’s research Podcasting: Considering the evolution of the medium and its association with the word ‘radio’. We found that the podcast is a very popular medium that engages the listener, because it forces the listener to create images in the mind via the audio. From Ellen McCracken’s book on narrative podcasts The Serial Podcast and Storytelling in the Digital Age, we have learned that the narrator of the podcast carries the story and plays a main part in maintaining the attention of the audience. Based on the theory and empirical data mentioned in this abstract we have created a podcast prototype. The podcast will be a series consisting of four episodes with the following themes: 1) The medical practice around organ donation 2) A Healthy Body? 3) Experiences from next of kin of organ donors 4) Ethics and Politics around organ donation. We have chosen to change the type of narration during the podcast, varying from an inner and outer view, to create more levels in the narrative. We ourselves will appear as hosts to create a personal identification for the audience, as we will portray ourselves as trying to find knowledge on the subject too. We will leave it to experts and other types of guests, to explain the factual information in the podcast, as this will hopefully add credibility to the series.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2019
Antal sider65
VejledereSine Carlsen


  • Organ donation
  • Podcast
  • Brenda Dervin
  • Sense-making