Hvad i gymnasieelevernes hverdag stresser dem?

Simon Bo Reinholdt Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This dissertation investigates the relevant stressors for students in Danish Gymnasiums. It looks at the students own experiences with stress, in an effort to understand, which elements of their daily life seems to be the most stressful. It examines both the academic stressors, related to homework, assignments and time spent in school, as well as the social stressors, that are related to friends, classmates and family. Theories about stress were used in the process to gain insight into the stressful events, that the students described. It was found, that the most stressful aspects related to the classes and homework, were the amount of assignments within a certain time frame. It was a regular occurrence, that several teachers would schedule assignments, within the same short time span. This caused distress to the students, because the high amount of work was too much for them to properly handle. As a result of that, there were also some weeks, where the students’ workload was minimal, which caused the overall workload to be distributed unevenly across several weeks.
It was also found, that competence within a subject played a big role, in whether or not the students found that particular subject interesting. It generally seemed to be the case, that interest in a subject, worked to prevent the stress caused by that particular subject. Students were shown to be more willing to put in additional time in a subject, if they found it interesting. This was despite how the lack of spare time, seemed to be one of the major stressors.
Additionally it was shown, that for some students, the biggest stressors weren’t related to the homework itself, but to the challenge of properly balancing how much time they spent on school, and how much they spend with their friends. The analysis shows, that this issue wasn’t simply about how much spare time they had available, but also how they spent it. Students felt a need to be both social and alone. For some it proved difficult to balance their time spent with friends, and time spent by themselves. Their own expectations of how their friends might perceive them, seemed to play a big role. Some students feared, that their friends would think badly of them, if they did not partake in the social events. At the same time the analysis showed, that their social relations also seemed to be one of the things, helping them to prevent stress. In regard to that, it seems that social relations were both potential stressors and preventive against stressors, depending on the context.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato26 sep. 2018
Antal sider74
VejledereBettina Christel Hjortholt


  • Stress
  • Gymnasiet
  • Elever
  • Gymnasielever