Hvad fremmer og hæmmer socialøkonomiske virksomheder?

Mai-Britt Syberg Mortensen, Karen Dorete Dandanell & Helge Bech

Studenteropgave: Masterafhandling


This Master-thesis asks the question: What promotes and impedes the establishment and growth of work integration social enterprise in Denmark?
The thesis initially describes the Danish employment effort in a historical and contemporary perspective. Furthermore, it describes the present situation of social enterprises in Denmark, including the political and legal initiatives taken in relation to social enterprises.
Using an inductive, hermeneutic approach and by means of a qualitative analysis of semi-structured interviews with three dedicated and active social entrepreneurs, aiming to create employment for vulnerable citizens, subsequently the thesis analyses the challenges the entrepreneurs have faced, and how these challenges have influenced the establishment and growth of their businesses.
The thesis rediscovers many aspects previously highlighted in the literature. However, it simultaneously observes, how important the complex relation to the public authorities is for business growth. The thesis especially elaborates the term “accountability” in this relationship. This is a term previously mentioned by Leadbeater (Leadbeater, 1997) as a serious issue for social entrepreneurs. The importance of accountability in the relation between the social entrepreneurs and the municipalities is discussed and unfold.
It is concluded in summary, that the degree of accountability can be crucial for business growth in social enterprises.
Finally it is discussed, how this aspect can be evolved, and it is recommended that municipalities incorporate accountability in their strategies for social enterprises.

UddannelserMaster i Socialt Entreprenørskab (MSE), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Antal sider80


  • Socialøkonomiske virksomheder
  • Fremmere og hæmmere