Hungary: Is the government suggesting a 'Huxit'?

Ugur Kaya

Studenteropgave: Basisprojekt


After Brexit became a reality in contemporary European history, it has been a concern for the EU that a domino effect would hit the Union as a consequence of Euroscepticism. Hungary has in the media been portrayed as a central European country with a sceptic attitude towards the EU, especially in the wake of the European migrant crisis. But what is Euroscepticism, and does it in all cases intent a withdrawal from the EU?
This project aims to explain a pattern of Eurosceptic attitudes in the Hungarian government led by Viktor Orbán, and whether this attitude is a reflection of a ‘Huxit’ after just 13 years of its participation in the EU. This is done by analysing expressions in this regard in the Hungarian government with the help of a content analysis, to then later categorize the content with relevant conceptual framework in the study of Euroscepticism.

UddannelserInternationale Studier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato18 dec. 2017
Antal sider29
VejledereAngela Bourne


  • euroscepticism
  • hungary
  • huxit
  • brexit
  • macaristan
  • avrupa
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