How has the response of the EU member states to the refugee crisis of 2015 impacted the unity of the European Union?

Filip Stancel, Robin Dickheiwer & Herve Butoyi

Studenteropgave: Basisprojekt


As the European Union is hit by crisis after crisis (Eurozone crisis, migration crisis, Brexit, etc.), fractions within the Union are becoming more visible and, based on that, this paper examines the potential threats in the EU on the case of the refugee crisis and the connected rise of nationalism. This is done by using the theory of intergovernmentalism and further builds on the rising nationalism among the EU member states and what issues that causes for the European Union as a union. We mainly use two extremes: Hungary as a anti-immigration country and Germany as a pro-immigration country. The impact the refugee crisis had on the European Union goes much further than the migration policy arena. It was an example and amplifier of the fractured European Union. This paper tries to give a proposal of a potential direction for solutions that would potentially have support among different sides.

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