Hjælp, jeg er kriminel! - Et projekt om resocialisering af indsatte i de danske fængsler: Et projekt om resocialisering af indsatte i de danske fængsler

Jessica Sara Jakobsen, Mona Østergaard Ziener & Andreas Magnus Rønnow Olsen

Studenteropgave: Bachelorprojekt


Inmates in Danish prisons are a costly affair for the Danish state and society as a whole, and the recidivism rates of males aged 15-29 is very high, at 76%. In order to combat this, The Social Financing project allocated funds for a project within Kriminalforsorgen to strengthen education for the inmates, as they found that 70% of inmates who take education during imprisonment will not relapse back into crime, ultimately progressing the prison system toward a greater cost-neutrality.

Through a business-economic aspect, this project will try to contribute to an understanding on how best to motivate Danish prisoners to start and finish an education during their incarceration. Simultaneously, Kriminalforsogen will be examined as an organization whose job is to coerce inmates into electing to get an education as part of their resocialization.

This led to the following problem definition: What challenges can there be in connection with the resocialization of inmates in Danish prisons?

To answer this question, the project used a hermeneutic scientific approach with sociological culture, organizational culture and motivation theory. This was coupled with qualitative interviews from inmates, former inmates, prison guards, prison guards as teachers, and other relevant individuals.

The findings of this project concluded first of all that the current organizational structure and political interference results in a number of adverse consequences that ultimately weakens the resocializing efforts, as well as employee conditions. Secondly, that it is a condition for inmates to learn the basic and ordinary way of life before they can begin further resocialization. Furthermore, it is seen that the organizational structure found in Kriminalforsorgen inhibits the inmates' motivation for, among other things, resocialization through education. The inmates experiences an improved self-image and that the municipalities must be better at helping the inmates after release.

UddannelserErhvervsøkonomi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor
Udgivelsesdato17 dec. 2019
Antal sider60
VejledereAnders Peter Hansen


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