Henrik Pontoppidans tvesyn

Matilde Lynge Zarp, Malthe Gejl Boesen, Pernille Skov, Julie Marie Jensen & Robert Riisager Alskov

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


Henrik Pontoppidan (1857-1943) was an author and Nobel prize winner in literature. His work often holds a dual view in the storyline. This study examines this dual view in Pontoppidan’s novel Lykke-Per (1898-1904), where the reader perceives the story from the viewpoints of both Per Sidenius and Jakobe Salomon. The narrator plays a part in the dual view, because it continuously expresses its critic of Per while its relation to Jakobe is less critical. This study examines why the reader supports as well as despises Per and how both he and Jakobe is interpreted through viewpoints of each other. The narrator’s use of irony in the portrayal of many of the minor characters as well as in the portrayal of Per plays a part in the impression of the reading. Furthermore, the study discusses how the opinion of the author can be interpreted through both the critic of Christianity in general but also in the destiny of Per. Also, it discusses the different ways in which the dual view influences the impression of the story. Per is portrayed through his own thoughts and actions but also through the opinion of him by other characters. Also, the impression of Jakobe is influenced by the varying viewpoints of other characters, where some find her attractive while others despise her appearance. These different variations of the dual view of Pontoppidan is investigated in this study.

UddannelserDansk, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato21 dec. 2018
Antal sider84
VejledereCharlotte Engberg


  • Henrik Pontoppidan
  • Lykke-Per
  • Per Sidenius
  • Tvesyn
  • Jakobe Salomon
  • Ironi