Graviditet og brug af apps: En kritisk analyse af gravides brug af apps

Randi Christensen, Lotte Børsting Krog, Freja Foss Nielsen & Victoria Kira Maria Dalhoff Haller Marcussen

Studenteropgave: Kandidatprojekt


Pregnancy is a period in life, where women tend to seek guidance to handle the challenges that the new role as parent to be and many women seek to digital media such as apps for advice. The danish app ​Gravid - mens du venter [Pregnant - while you’re waiting] is promoted by the danish government and as such becomes a representative of the accepted norms of society for health during pregnancy.
This project aim to explore in which ways the pregnancy app ​Gravid - mens du venter can help to construction of norms which affects the way pregnant women understand their health during pregnancy. ​To explore this goal a focus group of three pregnant woman were held. They were asked to talk about how they use pregnancy apps, why they use them and in which ways they found them useful. There was also held an interview with a midwife to gain a different perspective on the issue. The interviews were transcribed and thematically analyzed, identifying different sub-aspects of the issue. For this analysis we applied several theories to our data counting Anthony Giddens’ theory on expert systems, the critique of neoliberalism by Nike Ayo, theory on governmentality and self-technology by Foucault as interpreted by Jane Ege Møller, Rachel Kent’s theory on self-tracking and theory on apps as artefact by Deborah Lupton and Gareth M. Thomas combined with the understanding of technology presented by Ernst Schraube.
Through the analysis and diskussion we found that self-tracking as a function potentially help constructing a negative behavioral pattern of worries for the pregnant woman. They show trust in the app as an expert system and try to live up to the norms presented by the app, which has an impact on the way they behave. The app present pregnancy as a ‘threatening’ condition, and construct norms of the ‘god’ way to do pregnancy. The women seem to have accepted the neoliberal norm of individual responsibility for ones own health, and the app provides a feeling of safety and satisfaction as a self-tracking self-technology to help navigate in this responsibility. From this analysis we conclude that the app ​Gravid - mens du venter construct norms that can create worrying and apply the responsibility of health during pregnancy to the individual woman.
Keywords: ​Pregnancy, Apps, Expert systems, Self-Tracking, Self-Technology, Health Promotion, Health Politics

UddannelserSundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdatojun. 2017
Antal sider57
VejledereDitte-Marie From


  • Sundhed
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  • Graviditet
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  • Selv-teknologi
  • Ekspertsystemer
  • Self-racking
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