Gravide rusmiddelbrugere - prioriteringer i arbejdet med et dobbelt brugerperspektiv

Sarah Theresa Stjernholk El Hamoumi, Matilde Herget, Niffe Ilazi & Sabrina Louise Bjerg Reinseth

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project seeks to further investigate how an employee will prioritize when working with pregnant drug abusers as two individuals – mother and child – and therefore two user perspectives. Danish law forbids forceful treatment of drugs abusers, therefore we have studied the working conditions of in the institution Borgestadklinikken, which is under Norwegian law, where compulsory treatment is legal. Due to our own preconceived views on the matter, that it is a very complex field and situation, when a woman with child is treated as two individuals, how employees handle the situation. One of the main questions in this matter is as stated above: How do employees prioritize when working with two user perspectives in one individual?
By approaching the question through a philosophical hermeneutic method and the theory of paradigms by Thomas Kuhn, we made an analysis of the documents appearing on Borgestadkilnikkens own website. By doing this we managed to create an overview of how they understand and portray the issues they are facing in their treatment methods, which also creates the foundation of our further analysis.
Subsequently we made two semi-structured interviews with two employees from Borgestadklinikken.
By using Højholt and Larsens theory on social interventions and interdisciplinarity, we were able to paint a picture of how the employees understand the problem in practice and how they portrayed solutions to these problems.
We used Marie Østergaard Møllers theory about cross-pressure to further understand how the overall institutional frames as well as user interactions, can make a cross-pressure for each employee - if demands and objectives does not correlate.
We used Grimen and Molanders theory about discretion to analyze how institutional frames has an impact on how the employees are using their discretion, and also how they prioritize in their work, when using two user perspectives. Lastly, we used the theory of Järvinen and Mik-Meyer to researach the role of the professional worker to show, how the employees contradictory functions can have an effect on their priorities. Our final conclusion to our research is that their different priorities was not as complex as our initial hypothesis. Their overall goal is to make sure the child is protected from drug abuse, and because of their view on user perspectives and individuality, the mother of the unborn child is the only way to achieve it.

UddannelserSociale Interventionsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato17 dec. 2017
Antal sider88
VejledereTrine Østergaard Wulf-Andersen


  • Gravide
  • Rusmiddelbrugere
  • Krydspres
  • Skøn
  • Paradigmer
  • Problemforståelser
  • tværfaglighed
  • professionelle
  • medarbejderperspektiv