God Goes Deep

Maria Cecilie Larsen, Miriam Sode, Amal Bassem Abdallah & Julia Hartmann Pedersen

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


God Goes Deep is an ambient event hosted by the night church, which is a part of the Copenhagen Cathedral in Denmark. This article examines how the orchestrators of God Goes Deep use staged atmospheres to create a new church experience. Through ongoing visits and interviews with both orchestrators and visitors at God Goes Deep, we sought to understand the different experiences and perception of the event. This investigation led to the following conclusion: In order to accommodate societal changes, the church adopts new experimental ways of proclaiming Christianity. God Goes Deep is opening the church to different interpretations and practices that create a new atmospheric and multi-sensory experience. This experience consists of ideas of calmness, peacefulness and meditation. Hereby, the church discovers a different way of serving the needs of the people.

UddannelserSpatial Design and Society, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato7 jan. 2019
Antal sider55
VejledereMikkel Bille