German Contribution to CFSP

Pierre-Valéry Jr Gaudeau, Hana Jr Motyckova, David Jr Fisiha & Kamelia Jr Panaiotova

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project contains the research area of Europeanisation and how our selected EU member state has influenced the level of Europeanisation through different initiatives. Europeanisation is a theoretical concept which is applied to the level of EU politics. The theoretical concept consists of different approaches, and we have explained these and furthermore applied these approaches to the context of our project. We have selected a specific member state in order to limit our area of research. We have chosen Germany as we believe there are various examples of how this member state has contributed in promoting further Europeanisation. We have made use of two German-French declarations, the Berlin Plus arrangements and lastly assessed the German involvement in resolving the Macedonian conflict in 2001. We have made use of the tools provided by the theory and applied these to the specific examples emphasizing how Germany may have attempted to influence EU level politics. In the project we conclude that Germany has made several attempts to influence EU Foreign politics, in terms of securing their own security as well as the European security.

UddannelserEU-studies, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato18 dec. 2013
VejledereBrasch Kristensen & Sanne Jr


  • Germany politics
  • EU diplomacy
  • Germany and CFSP
  • German foreign policy
  • Europeanization
  • Common Foreign Security Policy
  • EU external affairs
  • CFSP