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Sofie Ingvorsen Dall, Simon Wormslev Gents, Maria Høj & Astrid Emilie Lavlund Krogh

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This thesis is an examination of the requirements and expectations that exists in the postmodern society, how they play a role in the everyday life of young students and how they affect students and their well being. The examination is made on the basis of an analysis and discussion of qualitative semi-structured interviews with two students who study Psychology at the University of Copenhagen. One of the focal points of the thesis, and the basis of which the interview data is analysed and discussed, is the theory from a range of social psychology theorists; Thomas Ziehe, Svend Brinkmann, Carsten René Jørgensen and Lars Lundmann Jensen. Besides these theorists, Aaron Antonovsky is involved in our analysis and discussion of the well being of two students. Requirements of efficiency, adaptability, ongoing development of skills and qualifications are nothing but an extract of the requirements that affect the everyday life of young people in the postmodern society. Furthermore, requirements for young individuals such as ongoing development of skills, affect a culture of competition, high ambitions and perfectionistic tendencies in individuals, which can result in mental dissatisfaction and a discrepancy between reality and expectations. According to the results of the thesis a way for young individuals to sustain well being in their life, could be by balancing between high ambitions and reality. Besides this it could be conducive for a feeling of well being in the individuals, if the individuals have a high sense of coherence and if they keep a critical reflected mind relative to the inner and outer expectations they are confronted with, thus the individual are not getting a feeling that they are overloaded with requirements and expectations but that the challenges they are confronted with are affordable and meaningful.

UddannelserPsykologi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato16 maj 2013
VejledereMarian Nielsen


  • Unge studerende
  • Fleksibilitet
  • Hyperopmærksomhed
  • Carsten René Jørgensen
  • Konkurrence
  • Perfektionisme
  • Autonomi
  • Oplevelse af sammenhæng
  • Valg
  • Ansvar
  • Svend Brinkmann
  • Videregående uddannelse
  • Meningsfuldhed
  • Lars Lundmann Jensen
  • Thomas Ziehe
  • Hverdagsliv
  • Trivsel
  • Aaron Antonovsky