Geekcon - En online kommunikationsstrategi med udgangspunkt i sociale netværk og eksterne interessentrelationer

Simone Maja Andersen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis aims to address the following problem: How can a communication strategy through Facebook involve social network and stakeholders so that Geekcon's external communication can be improved?
Many strategic models concerning effective communication on social media are written with larger and more resourceful corporations in mind. This can be problematic, because these perspectives can be difficult to relate to contexts of smaller organisations. In this thesis the ongoing case is of a small organisation, Geekcon, which is a relatively new fan convention in Denmark that are experiencing difficulties regarding how to communicate with stakeholders through Facebook.
This thesis includes three parts of analysis. The first part clarifies Geekcon's current situation and communication through Facebook. Part two investigates how two different fan conventions communicate with stakeholders on Facebook and on alternative social media platforms. Part three compiles the results from the previous analysis with theoretical principles of relational communication to propose a strategic model regarding online communication on Facebook developed for Geekcon and smaller organisations in general.
The thesis builds on a combination of theories concerning relational communication and co-creation as brand management, where social networks and stakeholders play an essential role in an organisation’s communication and branding. The strategic framework is based on principles of strategy as being both emergent and deliberate. The study originates from a phenomenological hermeneutic theory of science, where theory and empirical studies interact to answer the overall problem. The empirical study is based on principles of virtual ethnography, which is an experimental method for observing internet-based fields that transfers classical ethnographic methods to an online context.
The thesis concludes that Geekcon can gain more insight into the wishes and experiences of their stakeholders by communicating through dialogue and engage with them based on an open and flexible communication strategy. The organisation should therefore draw on the experiences and insight into stakeholders and social networks by interacting with the community, thus the communication strategy as well as Geekcon's branding is developed in collaboration with stakeholders.
Finally, critical considerations are discussed concerning the use of social media in organisational communication, and whether the strategies of small organisations are developed based on processes of action rather than planned processes.

UddannelserKommunikation, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato2 jun. 2019
VejledereLars Sandstrøm


  • kommunikation
  • strategi
  • relationskommunikation
  • relationsteori
  • netværk
  • interessentrelationer