Fra iværksætterrådgivning til proceskonsultativ praksis - et studie af transfer i rådgivningen af iværksættere i Nordjylland

Martin Rune Hoxer

Studenteropgave: Masterprojekt


Denmark is lacking behind the rankings of other OECD countries in regards to creating start-ups pursuing their full growth potential. Therefore, it is seen as critical from a national point of view that improvements can be seen in the years to come specifically on new enterprises’ size, survival and growth. This thesis claims that focus should be given to the basic start-up counseling offered by advisors at local business offices. By providing relevant feedback and consultation; from the development of the initial layout of the start-up’s business plan to the actual implementation, the advisors can hereby support and nurture the growth-ambitions of the individual entrepreneurs. Specifically the thesis takes a critical look at the potential of boosting the ambitions to grow within starts-ups in local and rural settings by reorganising and introducing the concept of transfer and business modelling in the support to start-ups. Comprehensive data from Dahl & Sorensen (2012) on Danish start-ups concludes that ventures perform better, survive longer and generate greater annual profits when located in their local area in which their founders have lived longer. It is consequently important to look at how these local enterprises are supported. The thesis presents particular empirical cases from support provided to start-ups in the municipali- ty of Thisted in North Jutland. The attached empirical work include a survey of more than 50 start- ups in the mentioned area as well as three cited cases where Osterwalders “Business Model Can- vas” has been tested. Furthermore, the thesis examines how experience from the education sec- tor can enhance transfer of learning in the support to start-ups. Fundamentally, the thesis recommends a paradigm shift in the handling of support to start-ups by transitioning from a centralised and expert-driven model of consulting to a diversified and process driven practise. The thesis examines how the theory “Action Learning Consulting”, developed by Molly-Søholm et. al, can be applied to a new method of start-up consulting. In a concluding perspective, the thesis suggests that insights from implementing a new process are to be examined further before concluding on the ability of creating additional growing start-ups.

UddannelserMaster i Projektledelse og Procesforbedring (MPF), (Masteruddannelse) Master
Udgivelsesdato13 aug. 2015
VejledereOtto Vinter


  • Iværksætter
  • Transfer
  • Business Model Canvas