Folkeskolereformen og Lov 409 – dagen derpå!

Sara Alsawafi

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis is an attempt to understand the daily effects of the newest reform in the Danish public school system that was also accompanied by Law 409, which consists of the newest working time rules for teachers in the Danish public school system.
The two reforms where enforced in 2014 after a long conflict between DLF the Danish Teacher Union and KL the Danish Municipalities Union, where they couldn’t reach to an agreement regarding new working time rules.

In this thesis it’s showed that these reforms are part of the change in the Danish state going from the so-called Welfare state to a new form of state, which is called Competition state by the Danish professor in economy and politics Ove Kaj Pedersen. The ideals from the new Competition state are transferred to what Michel Foucault calls control technologies in the two reforms.

The most important part of the thesis is analysing a major survey that is involves more than 1400 teachers in the public schools asking them about their current work situation. The answers are then analysed with the purpose of understanding how the control technologies in the reforms have transformed the teachers’ work and if these changes match the ideals of the Competition state.

The analysis shows that though some small steps in the direction of getting a more competitive public school are observed, but the overall picture is that there bigger drawbacks that undermine the quality of the teaching although on paper the public schools may seem more economically effective after the reforms.

UddannelserForvaltning, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 sep. 2017
VejledereTorben Bech Dyrberg


  • folkeskolen
  • lov 409
  • folkeskolereformen