Folkeskolen - for livet eller arbejdsmarkedet?

Isabella Troensegaard, Ida Maja Sørensen, Cécile Marie Wild & Cecilie Sylvestersen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project is an investigation into the implications of a paradigm shift from welfare state to a state based on competitiveness as it is reflected in the present Danish Public Schools and the implications of this issue as it is reflected in a struggle to maintain the values and goals of the Danish Public School. The Danish Public School is one of society’s most significant institutions, in so far that it is instrumental in influencing and shaping future generations. A discussion at this point in time is especially interesting, due to an imminent, significant shift taking place not only in the Danish Public School, but also within the Danish society itself. The issue is an investigation into relevant pedagogical directions, in view of the present situation, and those values that influence this decision. This project works with analysis of research interviews, of four teacher’s discussion of the Danish Public School’s development and challenges. These interviews are the underlining basis for furthering analysis of how the present paradigm shift is reflected in the Danish Public School. The implementation of teacher interviews to establish praxis for viewing the issues from this perspective is unusual and of interest, in so far as it permits the establishment of an independent mouthpiece of practical expertise in this field. Furthermore, Niels Egelund and Dorte Lange are studied in a theoretical reflection; as is sociological studies of Ove Kaj Pedersen; sociological- and historical institutionalism, as it pertains to a discussion of Danish Public School’s goals and values. The project alternates between varying levels, creating an understanding of the imminent struggle between opposing issues of values and goals. In conclusion, the present paradigm shift is clearly reflected in the Danish Public Schools of today. The keynote in the discussion of Danish Public School’s goals and values turns out to be the question of to what degree emphasis should be on school subjects and measurable abilities or humanistic values and all-round humanistic development. Due to the present paradigm shift, there has arisen a complex challenge for Danish Public Schools, as far as they can combine that which is best for each and every student, at the same time that the Danish society must deal with the challenges of a globalized world.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato23 jun. 2014
VejledereBents Eisenreich


  • Værdigrundlag
  • Velfærdsstat
  • Folkeskole
  • Paradigmeskifte
  • Konkurrencestat