Flexicurity i Danmark - og måske Frankrig?

Anna Egeberg Bendtsen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This dissertation presents and discusses the concept of flexicurity and the possibility of transferring the flexicurity model to the French labour market. Flexicurity – which is a contraction of flexibility and security – stands on three pillars: flexibility in hiring and firing, security in means of social benefits and an active labour market policy. The general idea behind the concept of flexicurity is that flexibility and security are not mutually contradictive, contrariwise mutually beneficial. Denmark has induced to reduce unemployment and has created dynamism – and thereby made others turn heads. The Danish labour market model is often considered to be the quintessence of flexicurity and has become a star in labour market regulation within the EU. France on the other hand is suffering from high unemployment and several unsuccessful attempts to create a more flexible labour market. So the question is: Can France learn something from Denmark? Building on a case study of the French government’s attempts to regulate the French labour market, the dissertation analyses the policies and programmes of the National Action Plans and the birth of a new and innovative legislation that, when coming into existence, will set out a comprehensive novel flexicurity model to improve the efficiency of the labour market. By method of examining the criteria for successful policy transfer the dissertation analyses the French labour market policy and the January Agreement in order to trace facts and circumstances which point in the direction of a lesson-drawing. The dissertation discusses the suitability of the Danish model employed in France and concludes, in the light of the analysis, that lesson-drawing has occurred and that France has taken its first steps towards a flexicurity à la Française.

UddannelserEU-studies, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato23 maj 2008
VejledereJacob Torfing


  • EU
  • Flexicurityteori