Feedback og evaluering i gymnasieskolen -­‐ Et gymnasiepraktikprojekt

Troels Malm Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This project examines the effect and use of feedback at a high school level at a Danish gymnasium. By using John Hattie’s theories on feedback from his book “Visible Learning” this topic will be looked upon from an observant’s point of view. Primarily this study will carry out an analysis of what happens in the average Danish classroom. By asking the question “How is evaluating incorporated into history lectures and how can different types of evaluating help in achieving the standardized goals?” The study concludes that though feedback is generally included in the lectures through teacher-­‐student relations and student-­‐ student relations. There are many elements that are missing for it to have effect it has the potential to have and should. Furthermore student’s self-­‐evaluation is completely missing from the picture. Which could give the student’s a better control with their learning and help them leap forward.

UddannelserHistorie, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato19 dec. 2015
VejledereAnette Elisabeth Warring


  • Feedback
  • Evaluering
  • lærer
  • Gymnasium