Faktion i true crime - Etik i journalistiske podcastfortællinger

Julie Sofie Eiby Jakobsgaard, Anne-Marie Dynes Møller & Mads Gluud Hillerup Jørgensen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This Master’s Thesis seeks to understand whether the two podcasts Det Perfekte Offer and Man Stoler Vel På Præsten uses fictional effects to maintain the listener’s attention. Those effects could be the use of the Hollywood Model, where the podcast builds up the excitement until the final climax. Also, the suspense can be maintained through the narrator's style, and whether the narrator communicates the story in an objective manner and how the characters are being portrayed. Furthermore, we have examined whether the podcasts make use of certain sound effects to set the atmosphere in different ways. The study shows that the journalists use several fictional effects to communicate their stories. Although they both use fictional effects, they do so in different ways. Through an analysis of the two podcast, the thesis concludes that the journalists both act as narrators and detectives. This is due to the way the stories are communicated, in which the journalists are in search of a culprit to create justice for the victims, but also to challenge a specific system. They do so by involving the listener in their work methods and journalistic decisions along the way. Moreover, the journalists make use of their own emotions in an attempt to create a connection and identification with the listeners. At the same time, the journalists make use of sound effects to strengthen their points or intentions with their story. Especially the increased use of subjective opinions, sound effects and emotions as well as sources that are transformed into caricatured characters challenges the idea of an objective presentation in journalism. Therefore, this thesis seeks to discuss how the ideal of objectivity is challenged in the way of communicating journalism within the true crime-genre. Based on the in-depth analysis, the thesis suggest that true crime-journalism communicated through podcast leans towards what we define as controlled subjectivity to a greater extent rather than maybe an outdated understanding of the ideal of objectivity. This somehow clashes with the ideal of journalists where objectivity is key because it affects how trustworthy journalists are perceived. Finally, the thesis propounds six suggestions to how journalism can maintain credibility regardless of the change in presentation of journalistic stories that is communicated in a more subjective manner.

UddannelserJournalistik, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato31 maj 2019
Antal sider120
VejledereJannie Møller Hartley


  • True Crime
  • Journalistik
  • Podcast
  • Objektivitet
  • etik
  • lyd
  • fortæller
  • journalist