Facing the challenge of organizational development - An empirical study of Founder’s syndrome revealed through the concept of learning disabilities

Aocucu Fgm

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This thesis is aimed at exposing the implications of founder’s syndrome on the organizational development of Phoenix-Speranta. The aforementioned influence is revealed through the concept of learning disabilities, creating a link between two notions briefly presented as having an interdependence relationship by the academic literature. Using the concept of learning disabilities, we have explored the issue of founderitis in depth, emphasizing on the underlying cause of the behavioral patterns and mechanisms, and not just highlighting the symptoms. We also came to underline how the preservation and reinforcement of founder’s syndrome becomes a collective responsibility and not the individual illness to heal in Maria’s case, the founder of Phoenix-Speranta. Recognized as nothing more than an entanglement of learning disabilities, founder’s syndrome exceeds an exclusive responsibility. However, a considerable hindrance of organizational development stems from the learning disabilities manifested by the person holding the highest authority in the organization.

UddannelserSocialt Entreprenørskab og Management, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 jan. 2016
Vejledere[No Value] Apollo


  • Romania
  • founder
  • social entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship
  • control
  • empowerment
  • Bandura
  • learning organization
  • management
  • Phoenix-Speranta
  • non profit organization
  • leadership
  • social learning theory
  • Founder's Syndrome
  • learning disabilities
  • sensemaking
  • founderitis
  • Senge
  • Social Enterprise