Evaluering af GRAZAX: Evaluation of GRAZAX

Bjarke Haldrup, Michelle Mia Rasmussen, Laura Nielsen, Peter Sørensen, Morten Thorsboe, Anne Bruus-Jensen & Kristina Diernæs

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


Allergies have been an increasing problem in Denmark over the last couple of decades and are now defined as an epidemic. There are different types of treatments already developed for grass pollen allergy, but none of these treatments have been optimal. One of the most common allergies is grass pollen allergy. A few years back a new kind of immunotherapy was developed for treatment of this kind of allergy. This new type of immunotherapy distributed in tablet form, named GRAZAX, makes treatment far more convenient for the patient, than the former injective treatment. This project will focus on that new specific treatment and the statement that it is better than previous medications. The project will examine how GRAZAX is evaluated in GRAZAX Product Monograph and how the general guidelines of evaluation are consistent with it. Then the report looks at how GRAZAX differs from previous treatments such as corticosteroid, antihistamines and allergy vaccines. This is answered by first working through the theory of the immune system, how grass pollen allergy affects it and how medications can counteract the effects of the allergy. The theory will also cover other types of treatment and their efficiency. Afterwards, this project will contain a thorough and critical look at the official GRAZAX Product Monograph, which will be used to provide an understanding of how GRAZAX has been evaluated. In the GRAZAX Product Monograph the general evaluation of GRAZAX follows the international guidelines of evaluation, although there are numerous problems with its research. Among other things, the population that is studied is too small in some of the clinical studies and there is an overweight of white men in the studies, both are causes of bias. Despite these problematic parts of the evaluation, we find that GRAZAX is an effective product. We conclude that, compared to the other treatments for grass pollen allergy, GRAZAX is an advantageous treatment, although it has many adverse events compared to antihistamines. Therefore GRAZAX is only suitable for patients with moderate or severe grass pollen allergy.

UddannelserBasis - Naturvidenskabelig Bacheloruddannelse, (Bachelor uddannelse) Basis
Udgivelsesdato15 jan. 2013
VejledereUffe Thomas Jankvist


  • Allergi
  • Immunterapi
  • Græspollenallergi