Englands overvågning af Danmakr - Engelske diplomaters arbejde i Danmark 1777-1780

Morten Kargaard Jensen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The outbreak of the American war of Independence and the intervention of France in the conflict, forced England to consider its relations with the neutral powers of Europe, especially the neutral rights to trade with the belligerent powers was a matter of big concern. Neutrality in the 18th century was not an unequivocal and generally accepted international legal concept concerning the relations between states. The question of neutral rights during the American war of Independence was a recurring question in English foreign politics. This study tells the story of the English diplomats Daniel Delaval and Morton Eden, who was serving as envoys at the court of Copenhagen. The study is limited to period of 1777-1780, due to two main events in those years: France’s entry to the war of American Independence and the establishment of the League of armed Neutrality. Based on the letters from Delaval and Eden to England, and the instructions the two diplomats received from the Court at Sankt James, this study analyze and discus the English surveillance of Denmark: What was the key aspects in Eden and Delaval’s surveillance of Denmark, which information was sent, and with what purpose. The study shows a great versatility in the English diplomatic office in Denmark. It was to Delaval’s constant attention to discover, whether any and what supplies, and from what Ports in the King of Denmark Dominions may be exported for the use of the rebellion colonies in North America. There was through the years a general English suspicion to Danish trade. Due to the political developments in Europe in the late 1778 and early 1779, Morton Eden was appointed to replace Delaval as envoy at the court of Copenhagen. Eden was instructed to discover if there was any inclination at the Court of Copenhagen that Denmark would enter into a treaty of defensive alliance with England. When Spain entered the war against England, Eden was instructed to approach the Danish foreign minister, and propose an alliance between England and Denmark. The real agenda in the English foreign politic, was to form an alliance between Denmark, Russia and England, but this information was omitted in the English proposal to Denmark.

UddannelserHistorie, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato25 nov. 2013
VejledereHans-Åke Persson


  • overvågning
  • diplomati