En fremstilling og vurdering af David Millers syn på staters ansvar overfor flygtninge

Mathias Lykke Poulsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The aim of this thesis is to provide an account and an assessment of philosopher David Miller’s view on the obligations of states towards refugees, within the context of the european migration crisis. The focal point of the thesis’ theoretical basis is the work of David Miller in his Strangers in our Midst - The Political Philosophy of Immigration, alongside some of Miller’s critics. The thesis operates with the standard methodology within the fields of ethics and political philosophy. It shows how Miller couples a “weak” cosmopolitan position with an idea that national communities are generating intrinsic valuable associative obligations within a political society, and how this is used together with the concepts of territorial rights and political and national self-determination to defend border controls generally. The thesis also shows how Miller’s definition of refugees leads him to view the states’ obligations towards refugees as being of a remedial character, which allows the states to rely on a principle of fair distribution of costs when meeting the obligations. The thesis concludes that although Miller’s view might favor and work within the paradigm of the nation-state, his developed weak cosmopolitan position as well as his view of the obligations of states towards refugees might be a good foundation to develop more sustainable and globally fair immigration policies. This, since these views sufficiently serve the interests of both the receiving states and the refugees themselves.

UddannelserFilosofi og Videnskabsteori, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato28 sep. 2017
Antal sider80
VejledereJesper Ryberg