En barndom i undtagelsestilstand - et studie af asylbørns trivsel og velvære

Mikkel Bindesbøl & Sandra Mehdi

Studenteropgave: Speciale


This project has its focus on children (0-18) seeking asylum in Denmark. On the basis of the children’s own perspectives the study sheds light on what it entails to grow up in a Danish asylum centre. More specific the main purpose is to examine how children’s mental health is influenced when growing up in such a context. In the endeavours to get an understanding of this we ask what resources the children have at their disposal when trying to manage the challenges that they face as asylum seekers. Additionally we ask how the children can be said to experience a sense of coherence. These two questions are discussed in relation to the main purpose mentioned above. Our research is based on qualitative material in the form of an interview, two animated films and a mail correspondence, which takes its point of departure in a completed interview guide. To interpret this empirical knowledge the theorists Aaron Antonovsky and Pierre Bourdieu are included as the theoretical frame. The study finds that growing up in a Danish asylum centre can have a negative influence on the children’s mental health. This can be due to a lack of resources and due to the children not experiencing a sense of coherence. However it is important to keep in mind that the children at the same time can be said to have significant resources at their disposal. Resources, which might help the children, cope with their situation.

UddannelserSundhedsfremme og Sundhedsstrategier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato16 dec. 2013
VejledereSøren Benedikt Pedersen


  • Asylum
  • Kids