Dommedagsvisioner i middelalderen: Julian af Norwichs åbenbaring: “Visions of the Apocalypse in the Middle Ages: A Revelation by Julian of Norwich”

Lone Aalholt Nielsen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


“Visions of the Apocalypse in the Middle Ages: A Revelation by Julian of Norwich” This thesis is an exploration and investigation of the apocalyptic influences in the writings of Julian of Norwich (ca. 1342-ca. 1416) examined by focusing on four subject matters: death, the afterlife, the human and the end of time. Julian of Norwich was an English mystic female thinker and writer who lived in Norwich. According to her own description, she received, whilst laying on her deathbed, a revelation whose primary message was that all would be well. The fulfillment of this promise was to be completed at the end of time. Julian did not die then, but wrote down her revelation which today exists in two different versions named: the” short text” and the “long text”. By analyzing her writings, this thesis examines how they can be read in the light of the apocalyptic tradition and, consequently, what kind of insight they reveal about this. It is an exploration in which Julian’s writings are central and constitute the framework for the analysis. As well as touching on subject matters related to the apocalyptic tradition, this thesis provides a glimpse into the latter period of medieval England, at a time when plague, famine, war and revolt were present and easily could be read as ominous signs and forewarnings heralding the coming of Judgment Day and the end of time.

UddannelserHistorie, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato2 maj 2013
VejledereHenrik Jensen


  • Julian af Norwich
  • millenarisme
  • mennesket
  • dommedag
  • England
  • døden
  • de sidste tider
  • tid
  • efterlivet