Disputed Forests: The Role of Conflicting Environmental Values in the Policy-making Process of the Community Forest Bill in Thailand

Stine R Kristoffersen

Studenteropgave: Speciale


The Community Forest bill has been debated in Thailand for more than 15 years, without a resolution being reached. This thesis analyze the compleksities of the policy-making process of the CF bill, with particular focus on hoe the process has been affected by conflicting environmental values and interests. By applying two frameworks of policy analysis, the Advocacy Coalition Framework by Paul A. Sabatier and the Policy Paradox Framework by Deborah Stone, the thesis argue that there is a significant conflict of environmental values, which has characterized the policy-making process of the CF bill by being both a fight over values and a fight with values.

UddannelserInternationale Udviklingsstudier, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) KandidatGeografi, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 jan. 2005
VejledereOle Bruun & Kristine Juul


  • environmental values
  • Advocacy Coalition Framework
  • policy analysis
  • Thailand
  • Community Forest
  • policy paradox