Diffusion of Natteravnene and its challanges

Ram Jr Kadariya, Bikash Jr Sitoula & Yogendramani Jr Kharal

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


Abstract Diffusion of social innovation is a common concern for various sectors in addressing the social issues and needs. The project report is focused on diffusion process of social innovation, which is an important part of social innovation. It is about how Natteravnene, a non-profit social organization in Denmark established to create the neighborhood security, has been disseminating its ideas and activities throughout Denmark. In order to investigate the research question, the data from the headquarter of Natteravnene and its other centers have been collected by means of interview. The data collected from the primary and secondary sources are analyzed basically with Roger’s theory of diffusion of innovations and other relevant literatures. The analysis part has revealed that Natteravnene’s diffusion process has been influenced by different attributes of its innovative ideas; simplicity, visible impact, triability, easy franchising process, social by means and ends, appealing and inspiring, compatibility with Danish social values, etc. Natteravnene has been able to maintain the originality of its tasted and proven idea by preserving its originality from being diluted to maintain its effectiveness for the purpose of scaling-up its social impact. For this, they have established the clear manuals of standard that guides the centers of Natteravnene. Communication channels and network, easy decision process, socio-economic culture of Denmark, support from public, private and civil society, etc. have contributed in the dissemination process of Natteravnene’s ideas and practices. In this way, Natteravnene has succeeded to disseminate its ideas and practices to its 268 centers in Denmark. As it is based on voluntarism, so managing the volunteers is one of the big challenges for them. Apart from this, managing and controlling its centers, findings and measuring its social outcomes are the major challenges of Natteravnene.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato13 jun. 2014
VejledereChristian Jr Franklin


  • ideas
  • Diffusion