Det bæredygtige byggeris utopi

Sif Abell, Josephine Hasling Mikkelsen, Mia Filtenborg Borggaard & Andrea Parker

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


This paper examines whether temporary experimental initiatives such as Dome of Visions, can contribute to a process toward a more sustainable construction industry. The paper analyzes on empiricism collected during an interview with strategy director of NCC Martin Manthorpe in order to examine what the purpose of Dome of Visions is according to him as a representative of NCC. To contribute to the examination of our research question the theorists Frank W. Geels and David Pinder are brought in to set the framework for the theoretical ideas that the paper will be centered around. Fur-thermore, Adrian Smith, Jan Lilliendahl Larsen, Lise Drewes Nielsen and Malene Freudendal-Pedersen have contributed to our theoretical understanding. Their ideas provide us with the analytical tools to understand and examine Dome of Visions. The theory of Frank W. Geels adds to the understanding of socio-technical systems, which lays the fundament for the way structures are conceived, while David Pinder contrib-utes to the way we conceive utopia, while at the same time modifying the term. The paper seeks to examine how it might be possible to use Pinders modification of the term utopia to accelerate sustainability in processes of planning in respect to our case Dome of Visions, to give way for a relevant discussion of whether processes toward sustainability in constructions require a complete change in structures or a reorganiza-tion of the existing structures will be sufficient. The goal is not to conclude on wheth-er Dome of Visions have succeeded well in using alternative visions such as utopia in planning processes, but to examine how it might be possible to use utopia as a strate-gy. The paper concludes that utopia can be used as a tool in the processes of changing to more sustainable solutions in construction, but that there can be other problems to changing the structures of society, which include ourselves and the way we are lim-ited in how we think.

UddannelserPlan, By og Proces, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato1 jun. 2015
VejledereMathilde Dissing Christensen


  • Pinder
  • forandring
  • utopia
  • strukturer
  • bæredygtighed
  • Dome of Visions
  • sprækker
  • socio-tekniske systemer
  • utopi
  • omstilling