Det accelererede uddannelsessystem

Jeppe Madsen, Karen-Marie Kingo-Hansen & Zahna Siham Benamor

Studenteropgave: Semesterprojekt


The project that we have undertaken, examines Hartmut Rosas theory of social acceleration and the manner in which this spells into alienation. Rosa's theory can be seen as a rough outline of a critical theory, which seeks to incorporate a time dimension into social science thinking. Rosa's theory is not empirically founded and hence this project is concerned with this circumstance by virtue of our problem formulation « Is it possible to empirically shed light on Hartmut Rosa's theory of social acceleration by the means of exploring the inner world of law students ». The project is composed of a qualitative and empirical research of law students at Copenhagen University and an analysis of if and how their inner world corresponds with Rosa theory and conceptions. Furthermore, the project consists of an overall theory of science discussion within the dimension of critical thinking. In this discussion we oppose the two different scientific positions of Hartmut Rosa and Bruno Latour.

UddannelserSocialvidenskab, (Bachelor/kandidatuddannelse) Bachelor el. kandidat
Udgivelsesdato26 jun. 2014
VejledereRasmus Willig


  • Hartmut Rosa
  • Bruno Latour
  • Social science
  • Critical theory
  • Social acceleration
  • Alienation
  • Time